Enter the home of a well-travelled, enigmatic person and you're likely to find an assembly of surroundings that mirror the person who opened the door.  A vibrant wall hanging, two rich and subtle chairs nestled beneath it, balanced with a unique handcrafted statue.  Where is it from? How is it so perfectly placed here?  What is its story?  ...

This is the genesis of 41 Wildcard.  Sourcing, Procuring and Offering our favourite things from our favourite places.

We curate small collections of home décor and personal accessories.  Many items are 'one of one' or made exclusively for us through an artist collaboration with brands that we love.  Our selections are rarely available in large quantities, and tend to sell out quickly! If you've missed out on an item please sign up to be notified when its back in stock.

All of our selection is found from places we've set foot on the ground, tracked down local artisans, broke bread with the locals and, ultimately, felt a need to share their beautiful culture.  We feel that the objects that surround a person, a home, a family, tell stores of this beautiful world.  Our selection here is a window into some of our experiences around the globe.